Mortgage Solutions to Save your Money and Time

Buying a home or a condo? Mortgage comes up for renewal soon?
Get expert advice and unparalleled choice by working with a mortgage agent.
No guesswork. No legwork. Just the right teamwork.

Welcome to Royalton Mortgage Architects!

Our services are usually FREE OF CHARGE for you

The lender pays us a finder's fee (except of complicated cases).

We don't work for any one bank, we work for you

Banks employ specialists to protect their interests. You employ us to protect yours. When you walk into the bank to negotiate your own mortgage, this is the same as asking the other side's lawyer to represent your best interests...

It never hurts to get a second opinion

We will provide you with some options so you can compare the two - what your bank is offering you, and what we are able to offer you. Then ultimately you decide which you feel most comfortable with.

We shop the market on your behalf saving you time

Contacting us is like contacting many different lenders including banks, credit unions, trust companies etc., and a thorough analysis of all financial information received from them. It could take weeks for you to organize appointments with competing mortgage lenders - and we know you’d probably rather spend your time house-hunting! We work directly with dozens of lenders, and can quickly narrow down a list of those that suit you best. It makes comparison-shopping fast, easy, and convenient.

Our application process is simple and quick

We will take some information ONLY ONCE and then send it electronically to the lenders that we feel are the best fit for your situation. With self-searching (without a mortgage agent), you would have to fill out long questionnaires again and again in each bank.

Banks don't want you to know the interest rates available through us

Since we send lenders millions of dollars of new business, they always offer us the deepest discounts which we pass on to you IMMEDIATELY.

Assistance you will get:

Complete analysis of your financial circumstances and making appropriate recommendations based on your specific needs and abilities. We can find the best solution for your situation even with low down payment, poor credit or if you are self-employed showing minimal income.

Taking charge of all your mortgage concerns and negotiation with many lenders on your behalf, allowing you to avoid frustrations of arranging a mortgage directly with the lender. You will not waste your valuable time because all the options are researched for you.

Facilitating the transaction to its successful completion (funding). We will guide you step by step and help to avoid costly mistakes.

With an initial consultation and single application we can begin sourcing the best financing solution for you by assessing your specific situation and providing no-obligation, professional advice on what you can comfortably afford to borrow. From there we can help you make an educated decision by researching and filtering through different mortgage products.

Complete analysis of your financial circumstances and making appropriate recommendations based on your specific needs and abilities

Taking a mortgage application and finding the right lender and product for you is not possible unless we have detailed knowledge of your needs. To completely analyze your needs requires that we assist you in determining what those needs are (that is an important distinction from simply having you express what you believe your needs to be or asking what type of mortgage you would like). We must determine the factors that are important to you - such as:

  • Your risk tolerance. This can determine whether a variable rate product is suitable for you.

  • Your intentions with regards to how long you intend to live in this home. This can determine whether a long or short term mortgage is suitable (to avoid the early cancellation penalty).

  • Your saving habits. This can determine whether you require more aggressive repayment privileges.

  • Your debt expectations. In other words, do you think you may need to take equity out of your property in the future by refinancing it? This can determine whether a closed or open mortgage is suitable.
By completing a full analysis of your needs and being determined to do what is in your best interests, we will make the appropriate recommendation, provided that you have the requisite knowledge to determine what product you need.

Facilitating the transaction to its successful completion (funding)

That means that we will be by your side until the transaction closes (funds). We will advise you of all of the steps in the transaction and stay in touch with you throughout, even when we no longer involved. For example, once you have fulfilled the lender's conditions, there is nothing else for the mortgage agent to do except wait for the transaction to close. However, we will follow up with you to ensure that required appointments have been scheduled and preparations have been made. Not only will this provide you with added security and peace of mind but will ensure that we are aware of any issues that arise, allowing you to assist in solving them before the transaction is jeopardized.

Did you know that...

...the mortgage brokerage industry in Ontario is licensed, regulated and supervised by The Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) - an agency of the provincial Ministry of Finance? To know how the Mortgage Broker Law protects you, please watch this very short (a little longer than 2 minutes) official video by FSCO:

Agent - not only if bad credit!

Toronto low rate mortgages

The need for mortgage agents has never been greater. There are more lenders than ever before, but the public has little or no knowledge of them. To illustrate this point, take a moment to list the names of all of the lenders that you know or have heard about. How many can you think of? In fact, there are dozens of lenders in the Canadian mortgage market. This incredible number of lenders provides consumers with an overwhelming array of choice for their mortgage financing, and yet the majority of consumers are unaware of them. The typical consumer needs the assistance of a knowledgeable and skilled advisor to find a suitable product from among the various options available. In many cases consumers require "non-conventional" lending - unique, innovative products that serve their particular needs. Again, the consumer needs a professional mortgage agent with knowledge of and access to these products.

Once you are interested in obtaining a mortgage, then you most likely will also be interested in the help of an experienced real estate agent:

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